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Can you spot the key collaborating behaviors?

(I would like to start by adding this following comment: this whole post plus everything I have worked on today, has actually been made on my Windows 950XL phone using Continuum, and external screen, keyboard, and mouse. And it works

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Performance Appraisal in the Digital Enterprise Workplace

During the last 18 months, one of the themes which have invigorated our small team the most, and which we have been spending most of our own spare time trying to decipher, is how to assess the performance of an

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50 people are worth more than 50.000 likes

So, here is a new part of the journey starting. I’m setting out on a short trip┬áto prove a statement I made my self: “50 people are worth more than 50.000 likes”. And through a series of blog posts here

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