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Case from Mads Nippers Blog

We promised to share a few cases on the why and how of Mads’ Blog here in Grundfos. Naturally, we will only share stuff that is non-critical in terms of IP, business and hot issues. But learnings and advice stand

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Bringing inspiration and expertise in to the organization

You know the feeling: sometimes you just get inspired by someone that you meet or talk to, and hope that you can bring this on to others. It can be a discussion around a topic you have little knowledge about,

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How our new CEO leads before he has even started

I’m pretty excited about our new CEO Mads Nipper! It could seem like a paradox, since I haven’t met the man, and he will not even start until August But I actually feel I know him enough to be

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Social Business Ecosystem

We think of Social Business as a great meal. But what is a great meal? It’s something cooked with skill; made from the best ingredients; delivered with excellence; and enjoyed with people you like and trust. At Grundfos we are

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Part 1 of the Grundfos Social Empowerment Story

What is social empowerment; why is it so important; and what new skills will be required. Those are the questions I set out to answer in this blog post. It is a task that is far by easy since the

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Empowered Strategy Development

Part of our work is culture hacking. Let me re-phrase: Almost all of our work is culture hacking. In general, we get our biggest kicks when a pilot project suddenly succeeds with doing something we’ve been hoping they would succeed

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Am I judged based on who I know or what I know?

A year ago I presented at an Erfa Networking meeting. In the break, I had a discussions with some of the audience about their usage of LinkedIn. A woman in her mid fifties said she only had 25 contacts, and

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