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We love Culture Hacking and Green Dots

It’s all about how you can become a culture hacker as part of your day-time everyday job. In Grundfos, my team and I deliberately look for ideas, projects, pains, trends, or anything else that can work as a culture hacking opportunity. In more general terms, we call change opportunities (most often people and projects) GREEN DOTS.

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Performance Appraisal in the Digital Enterprise Workplace

During the last 18 months, one of the themes which have invigorated our small team the most, and which we have been spending most of our own spare time trying to decipher, is how to assess the performance of an

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Spotting the business in Social Business

Some time ago, we were interviewed by a couple of researchers on social and the value of social business. They asked how we document our claims concerning the potential cost savings and business process efficiencies we have published in our

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Case from Mads Nippers Blog

We promised to share a few cases on the why and how of Mads’ Blog here in Grundfos. Naturally, we will only share stuff that is non-critical in terms of IP, business and hot issues. But learnings and advice stand

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Mads Nipper has the courage to question the ordinary – part 1

It has been almost 6 months since we did our last post, and a vast number of exciting dishes have been cooking in Grundfos since then. One of the best known inside Grundfos is our CEO blog which Mads Nipper

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How our new CEO leads before he has even started

I’m pretty excited about our new CEO Mads Nipper! It could seem like a paradox, since I haven’t met the man, and he will not even start until August But I actually feel I know him enough to be

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How to dissect a discussion thread

It took me less than 15 minutes to condensate and categorize the 4 basic tips of how to start a high value discussion thread. The reason for this was quite simple; They had all been dissected on beforehand. A dissection is

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