Meet the team

This blog is the home of blog posts related to the journey to Social Business that Grundfos is on. The blog posts are inspired by our experiences from all the work we do and the current state of art in the social business domain. We blog because we believe that working out loud this way will benefit the company in various ways.

It goes without saying that all views are our own and do not necessarily reflect Grundfos or any other company we work for.

Your day-to-day authors are:

     Christian Carlsson Florida, thumbnail                                                        Thomas_75_75

Christian Carlsson                 and                      Thomas Asger Hansen      

We’ll also invite guest bloggers.

Martin Risgaard  now works for Microsoft, so he might well be one of them 😉


One comment on “Meet the team
  1. Giridhar says:

    First congratulations on the great work and thanks for the blog really insightful. I am looking for some answers to specific questions in this journey, I would like to prepare a case study on Grundfos, can you please help me with below questions:

    LAUNCH-Why and How you launched- any insights that would help a company trying to embrace Yammer.

    NETWORK CREATION- Criterion used to build networks, govern networks, get results out of networks.

    ADOPTION – Your strategy to improve adoption, resources & techniques used, how successful were these.

    CHALLENGES- What were some of the prominent challenges you faced at each stage of this journey.

    RESULTS- Small and big wins both in terms of business value and overall improvement in engagement/culture etc. any methods used to measure success.

    I know too many questions but it will immensely help me. I found some of this information in the blog, but would like to hear from you as well.

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