We love Culture Hacking and Green Dots

I was happy to say yes to speak at the INTRANET.RELOADED 2016 conference, and one of the outcomes is of course the presentation slides, which by the way can be found here.

It’s all about how you can become a culture hacker as part of your day-time everyday job. In Grundfos, my team and I deliberately look for ideas, projects, pains, trends, or anything else that can work as a culture hacking opportunity. In more general terms, we call change opportunities (most often people and projects) GREEN DOTS.

Green dots

This is your typical organization – full of red dots and green dots. Original art by Yayoi Kusama.

We picked up this easily communicated and self-explaining term in our early Yammer days when Adam Pisoni and his team ruled, and we are grateful to have it in our absolute core toolbox. So, that was before the Microsoft merger, and I have encountered different views on whether it was a good or bad decision, but all I can say now is that more and more large companies integrate Yammer in their collaboration, intranet and digital workplace solutions because it’s now part of a package they already use (O365).

There were some really good and inspiring presentations at the conference, and I left with two very concrete new ideas I’m really excited about: one within why and how to capture input from field workers; and one on content structuring and search. And I can’t wait to get some internal feedback which will help qualify the business case!

Some of the ideas and slides I brought which apparently raised most attention were the three performance levels we are working on institutionalizing (I did a short post on this earlier), the analytics that go with them, and our work with the rich profile. We will share more on these things as we go along. But feel free to ask 😉

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One comment on “We love Culture Hacking and Green Dots
  1. Mike Graefe says:

    From breaking the ice to hacking the culture – certainly enjoyed your sessions Thomas. May use your cookbook as the travel guide to green dot country. Thx lots!

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