Performance Appraisal in the Digital Enterprise Workplace

During the last 18 months, one of the themes which have invigorated our small team the most, and which we have been spending most of our own spare time trying to decipher, is how to assess the performance of an individual in the context of the digital and connected enterprise.

In particular, we have been looking into collaboration and networking performance since most of the really important projects in any large company depends highly on collaboration across divisions, time zones, leadership standards (cultures) and nationality, as well as being good at activating the right internal and external resource or competence networks.

Personal Network Contribution Dashboard

Example of a 60-day personal dashboard for network contribution. This is work in progress, and it is based on a pilot to extract Yammer data through the open API’s, combining it with relevant HR/People data, and then visualizing it using Microsoft PowerBI.

Further, we have been considering how to assess a concept of digital workplace performance ‘realtime’ and based on already available data from whatever systems we have available in the digital Grundfos workplace. We have come a good step ahead, but before we show some of the tentative approaches and results, here’s a quick summary of the framework so far.

Just as any community or project needs a compelling purpose in order to succeed, it makes no sense to try to measure performance unless you have a meaningful interpretation of what it is. At this point of time, we have come to appreciate a simplified mental model of enterprise performance based on distinct activity categories for the single individual in a digital and connected workplace environment.

Back late in 2014 we came up with something like this for the global Grundfos leadership summit:

Your Performance = IC + TC + ECNC

IC = Individual Performance Contribution

Basically, every individual has some tasks which is part of a core function, job description, or role you were hired to do. It’s based on a few important parameters;

  1. Prioritizing the right things, i.e. adopting or creating the shared purpose that must drive any activity, including the ability to manage or drive strategic coherence and alignment.
  2. Doing it right, i.e. having a sufficient level of personal efficiency and productivity, structure, and organization.

TC = Team Contribution

Contribution to home-team, and core communities or projects. Challenges are often conditions such as diversity of nationality and culture, distance between the group or team members, time zone differences, not least task complexity.

ECNC = Enterprise Community & Network Contribution

This is the ‘Working as a Network’ element. It represents the performance element which most companies have the greatest difficulty in addressing and evaluating. Value is created by;

Proactively pushing knowledge into teams, communities, functions or networks, which are peripheral to your daily obligations, but where various logic ‘bridges’ make it appreciated or even wanted (‘bridges’ can be created due to e.g. people relationships (trust), domain and expertise interfaces, practice sharing, or deliberate organizational design).

Proactively pulling knowledge into your team or problem solving process. You create bridges by activating network and networks network. In daily terms we speak about ‘pinging’ people into our discussion, group, or community.

Connecting the right people or projects, and by asking the right questions across organizational boundaries. Just typical networking work!

A great enterprise network contributor uses not only their own network, but is also able to activate the networks’ network, thereby accelerating the ‘accidental’ coordination between initiatives and projects. In addition, the ability to activate and connect external connections with the right internal people is a key factor for value generation and performance enhancement.

All for now, look forward to any comments or questions. And be sure that more will come on this subject.

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