50 people are worth more than 50.000 likes

Estimated ReachSo, here is a new part of the journey starting. I’m setting out on a short trip to prove a statement I made my self: “50 people are worth more than 50.000 likes”. And through a series of blog posts here in the Social Business Journey blog I will explain why I say this; how I will go about tackle this; and what the outcome and value is.

Actually, details on the outcome and value I will first present at the Deloitte event on Information Management in June, before sharing it here in the blog. It was actually an invite to speak at that event that triggered my statement (had to come up with something catchy… oh stupid me!). But I’m a true believer in that looking at the real relationship gives us more benefits, value, learnings, and “behavioral-change-power” than anything else!

Without going into too much detail, the main reasons to why, as I see it (right now) is that:

  • The social web is full of opportunists, SPAM, fake accounts, Black-Hat SEO’s, and marketing gibberish — hence out of 50.000 maybe just a small fraction of these “likers” or followers are real or in the company interest.
  • The value of B2B social is at times still a hard “sell”, mainly due to the above, as well as an ongoing focus on wanting to measure the effect of activities in “huge” numbers like “50.000 like” or “potential reach of 250.000” — “50” is not as sexy…
  • You can learn something from real connections, e.g. if your activities (messaging, branding, sales, services, etc.) are done right or wrong; how they can be improved; are you reaching the right people; etc. But then you need to know who they are — and you need to dare connect with them, and ask them how you are doing.

This I will dwell a bit more on in the coming weeks and months, with the help of some special friends. If you have any input, ideas, thoughts, questions, or comments on this subject, please let me know. Either here in the blog, or send me a private message on twitter.com/chris_carlsson. Or even better, come and have coffee with me!

For instance, if you had to chose to measure on only ONE performance indicator for all your external social activities, what would that be?

And of course, if you are interested in this and other Information Management, Big Data, and Analytics related topics, then join the conference on June 11th in Copenhagen. Hope to see you!

Social Business Lead Consultant at Grundfos

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