Bringing inspiration and expertise in to the organization

You know the feeling: sometimes you just get inspired by someone that you meet or talk to, and hope that you can bring this on to others. It can be a discussion around a topic you have little knowledge about, or perhaps meeting a peer who gives you a new view of an area you otherwise thought yourself very wise on. In both cases, it is the expertise of that other person; their willingness to share; their way of “connecting the dots” in your universe; the nature of a relaxed conversation; and a fair amount of serendipity that makes for a great recipe.

And when you are part of a 19.000 employee strong organization, then there are great opportunities for this type of learning and personal development activity. The challenge is access to the knowledge and expertise: the 19.000 people are spread across 55+ countries; and you don’t know in advance who will be able to inspire you.

Expert InsightsHowever in the fantastic world of Digital, some of the challenges can be overcome. As part of my work around Thought Leadership and Employee Advocacy, I bump in to a lot of inspiring people (internal and external). And to capture some of their knowledge and energy, and share this to others in the company, I’ve started doing short, 10 minute interviews. The interviews are:

  • recorded using my SmartPhone (Lumia 925) front camera, that way I can keep track of time and visuals
  • done in my car, due to the relaxed environment and since the sound is best there
  • edited using Windows Movie Maker (adding front and back slides)

I will also experiment recording Lync/Skype interviews, when I don’t have the pleasure of having the expert “next to me”.

I then share these videos in our Global Grundfos Network, and “pulling people in ” who I think would be interested in the topic. Mind you, this is still very early in testing. I’ve only recorded three interviews, and shared two of them. I still need to figure out or get better at things like interview technique, etc. But like everything else, I learn by doing!

Sharing expertise and inspiration to the organization is the primary objective. But to capture the real opportunity, then scaling is necessary. And scaling can only be done by changing the individual behavior as well as organizational culture around user generated videos (or screen capture). And by showing people in the organization how easy a user generated video can be made, distributed, and collaborated on, hopefully this will trigger others to do the same, which over time will change the behavior of others. Another objective includes having experts and thought leaders getting used to video internally, before they get going externally.

OK, enough on this, seeing is believing. So please have a look at two of the videos that I have made available on YouTube.

Expert Insights with Kasper Risbjerg, Digital Strategist who works part time in Grundfos

Expert Insights with Josh Talley, User Focused Concept Designer

This way is of course just ONE way of sharing expertise and inspiration. And I’m all for working AND learning out loud. So if you have any experience yourself in this area, please share here.

Social Business Lead Consultant at Grundfos

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