Rusty as a nail, but my message is the same: Leaders Must Engage

Yesterday, June 3rd, I had the pleasure to present for a great crowd in Copenhagen, at the event The Future of Employees. It was a great day with the over all focus on (translated from the event website):

“How will the future of digital natives employees be motivated and lead? The potential is enormous. But is your organization ready to manage it?

During these years, a special generation of workers is coming out on the labor market: the digital natives who have lived all their lives in a world of Internet, mobile and social media. What is the potential in them, and how is our knowledge and the daily practical management challenged when the new employees meets older generations of colleagues and managers?”

Regrettably I couldn’t hear all speakers. But Kim Escherich has a great story in how IBM empowers their employees to be as social as they can. And Mette Hybschmann tells a fantastic story about McDonalds and how they motivate their 4500 large staff in Denmark. Even I got inspired to join them!

Big thank you to Søren Schultz Hansen og Michael Christiansen who arranged the day.

Funny story: my son actually found a rusty nail the same day I presented. Coincidence?

Funny story: my son actually found a rusty nail the same day I presented. Coincidence?

Now, my own presentation was mainly about how we are approaching the adoption of Social Business with managers and executives in Grundfos, and with focus on our Social Business Cookbook. And this was on my second day back from 2½ months of paternity leave (!) so I was rusty as a nail. But I think my main messages went through. You’ve heard them before, they are not new, but you can never stop repeating them:

  • One of the most effective ways to make leaders understand the potentials of Social Business methodologies is to show them real use-cases from the company/organization. Forget use-cases and examples from other companies. Do the hard work of collecting from your own backyard (like we have done in the cookbook, and here is a good blog post to guide you).
  • But endorsements, “thumbs up”, and soft approval by Executives and Managers is NOT enough to drive real adoption of Social Business. They need to vote with their feet, and do so by engaging them self.
  • And it doesn’t have to be so hard and difficult to engage. Do what works for you (as long as you do it) and here are 5 simple ways Executives and Managers alike can engage.
  • And finally, don’t fake it. Be you. If you are engaging (sharing, posting, commenting, creating, etc.) ANYTHING internally or externally, make sure it is you who does it. No secretary, students, agencies et al. People want to hear from you and no one else. And you learn a hell of a lot more by doing it your self, then having someone else do it.

You can of course have the slides, there are here on SlideShare. But you probably should have been there to understand them. Oh well, I look forward to the next gig!

by Christian Carlsson |

Social Business Lead Consultant at Grundfos

Posted in Adoption, Culture, Leadership

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