Social Business Cookbook – soft version for all culture hackers

Since we presented our Social Business Cookbook in the form of a hard copy booklet, a lot of people have been asking if we would release a soft version.

It’s important to understand that we made the public version because it can enable a rich discussion with other passionate professionals and thought leaders. This makes it obvious that we should indeed make the Cookbook available online. However, it’s also important to understand that we selected parts of a bigger piece of work. Hence, not all models and ingredients are shown, and not nearly all cases are shared. However, it does make it possible to publicly share it:

Some parts of the Cookbook are self-explanatory, and some are not. We’ll start discussing each page and theme a little deeper over the next month, and thereby try to facilitate better discussions and reflections. Do join !

// Thomas (Twitter) & Christian (Twitter)

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14 comments on “Social Business Cookbook – soft version for all culture hackers
  1. Reblogged this on Connaxions and commented:
    I had the privilege to be a part of the creation process of the Social Business Cookbook from Grundfos before I left. All credit for making it happen goes to Thomas and Christian whereas my only ‘claim to fame’ is to have written a page or two and have come up with the conceptual idea of making this as a combined cookbook.

    It was handed out at Working Social Tour in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and today it has been released into the wild. It is really great to see the story out there and it makes me proud to have played a small part in this. I am fully confident that the Grundfos team will continue to come up with more compelling stories. If this is the first time you encounter the Grundfos story, well, it’s not too late to catch up and this e-book “Social Business Cooking in Grundfos” is not the worst place to start.

  2. It will be great if you could enable to download the presentation in PDF in slideshare. Hard to read on the screen.

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