We love Culture Hacking and Green Dots

It’s all about how you can become a culture hacker as part of your day-time everyday job. In Grundfos, my team and I deliberately look for ideas, projects, pains, trends, or anything else that can work as a culture hacking opportunity. In more general terms, we call change opportunities (most often people and projects) GREEN DOTS.

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Can you spot the key collaborating behaviors?

(I would like to start by adding this following comment: this whole post plus everything I have worked on today, has actually been made on my Windows 950XL phone using Continuum, and external screen, keyboard, and mouse. And it works

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Performance Appraisal in the Digital Enterprise Workplace

During the last 18 months, one of the themes which have invigorated our small team the most, and which we have been spending most of our own spare time trying to decipher, is how to assess the performance of an

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What will we focus on in Global Working Culture and Smart Worker?

10 minute interview in my car with Thomas Asger Hansen, Head of Grundfos Global Working Culture and Smart Worker, discussing what we will focus on 2016.

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Thanks for a great conference at Digital Ledelse 2015!

I had the privilege to present Grundfos Global Working Culture and the our Social Business Cookbook. It was a fantastic day at Digital Ledelse 2015; thanks to the people arranging it; fellow presenters; and most importantly a great GREAT audience.

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Usually perfection kills CEO blogs – here is the unusual that makes it lively

A recent article in a Danish online magazine called F5 outlines well our CEO’s usage of an executive blog for communication with colleagues across the world.

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The social web is full of _ _ _ _

It is so refreshing being around people who just “get” social! No need to explain the value of social — instead one can just dwell in various nerd conversations. On May 19th I had the pleasure of just this, as

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