The 4 basic techniques to create high value ESN discussions

In Grundfos we talk about something we call winner discussions and winner threads in our enterprise social network (ESN). Basically, it’s a post or case which evolves to become more successful than the average exchange we observe. The result is

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5 simple ways Executives can engage in the enterprise social network

C-level Executives

For some time now I have thought about the difference between “Executive support” vs. “Executive engagement” when it comes to Social Business Strategy and Adoption. Especially during the production of our Social Business Cookbook. Support is the easy one to

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Social Business Cookbook – soft version for all culture hackers

Cookbook front page

Since we presented our Social Business Cookbook in the form of a hard copy booklet, a lot of people have been asking if we would release a soft version. It’s important to understand that we made the public version because it

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Social Business Maturity Assessment

Social Business Maturity Assessment, model by the Community Rountable

Some of the questions you will get – especially from internal leadership – when you set out on a social busines journey are; What are you trying to achieve? What are the behaviors you want to change? How do you

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Enterprise Social Business is Easier Done Than Said

The Grundfos Social Business Cookbook

As Christian mentioned in his last blog on the Ecosystem, successful social business in an enterprise is like a great meal. Among many things it requires being cooked with skill and made from the best ingredients. To help us on

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Social Business Ecosystem

Great meal

We think of Social Business as a great meal. But what is a great meal? It’s something cooked with skill; made from the best ingredients; delivered with excellence; and enjoyed with people you like and trust. At Grundfos we are

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Part 1 of the Grundfos Social Empowerment Story

Empower in Google

What is social empowerment; why is it so important; and what new skills will be required. Those are the questions I set out to answer in this blog post. It is a task that is far by easy since the

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