Mads Nipper has the courage to question the ordinary – part 1

Teaser from Mads blog

It has been almost 6 months since we did our last post, and a vast number of exciting dishes have been cooking in Grundfos since then. One of the best known inside Grundfos is our CEO blog which Mads Nipper

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Bringing inspiration and expertise in to the organization

2014-11-28 14_42_11-Expert Insights with Josh Talley - YouTube – Google Chrome

You know the feeling: sometimes you just get inspired by someone that you meet or talk to, and hope that you can bring this on to others. It can be a discussion around a topic you have little knowledge about,

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How our new CEO leads before he has even started


I’m pretty excited about our new CEO Mads Nipper! It could seem like a paradox, since I haven’t met the man, and he will not even start until August But I actually feel I know him enough to be

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Rusty as a nail, but my message is the same: Leaders Must Engage

Funny story: my son actually found a rusty nail the same day I presented. Coincidence?

Yesterday, June 3rd, I had the pleasure to present for a great crowd in Copenhagen, at the event The Future of Employees. It was a great day with the over all focus on (translated from the event website): “How will the

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How to dissect a discussion thread


It took me less than 15 minutes to condensate and categorize the 4 basic tips of how to start a high value discussion thread. The reason for this was quite simple; They had all been dissected on beforehand. A dissection is

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The 4 basic techniques to create high value ESN discussions

In Grundfos we talk about something we call winner discussions and winner threads in our enterprise social network (ESN). Basically, it’s a post or case which evolves to become more successful than the average exchange we observe. The result is

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5 simple ways Executives can engage in the enterprise social network

C-level Executives

For some time now I have thought about the difference between “Executive support” vs. “Executive engagement” when it comes to Social Business Strategy and Adoption. Especially during the production of our Social Business Cookbook. Support is the easy one to

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